Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Idea

Blogging, With Pictures!

I received an email today from a lovely girl called Maddy, telling me about an equally lovely project that she’s doing this year called the indieVISUAL Journal Challenge. Basically, it asks anyone who’s even slightly artistically inclined (i.e. you know what a pen is and how to hold one) to draw a picture to represent your day, every day, for an entire year.

Ho ho! You’re a quick one. Yes, I have accepted this challenge.

As of right now, as far as I know, me and Maddy are the only ones taking on this challenge. As soon as she sees this blog post she’ll probably tell me how wrong I am and inform me about how she’s already recruited billions to take on this task, but that’s hardly important. What’s important is that you are reading this, and that you know what a pen is and how to hold one, and that you are cool.

If you’re interested in partaking in this brilliant, once in a lifetime opportunity (maybe) to do something fun with your year, I’d strongly recommend it. You’d sure as hell make Maddy quite happy. But if not, that’s fine, I can’t force you or nuffin’ - it would be nice of you to at least follow my progress on this blog that I’ve set up, and to follow Maddy’s progress too by visiting her blog.

If you are up for doing this challenge, let me know in the comments! … tumblr does have comments right? Meh. I guess I’ll find out in a second.

The idea comes from charlieissocoollike. I've already decided to do something like this for 2010, except my idea was with photographs. But the addition (and ability) to draw pictures, also, is a wonderful idea. Doubt anyone is going to do this with me. So, hello empty world and absent readers. This starts soon -- will I remember?