Friday, May 21, 2010


Carrier Pigeon My Dreams Away

I was really having trouble thinking of a pun I could use this dead pigeon in. That's the best I could come up with. Today was the last day of my senior year, my last day of high school, and the last day of all my respective classes. So, why not go through them all? Long blog? Oh yes. 

  1st Period: AP Biology - Ms. Domenick. 
There weren't many in this class (that's all of us above in the picture), so it was fantastic. I learned a lot and the labs were always fun. I'm so glad I took this class, it really was one of the only classes I could say I looked forward to. (And I didn't even have to look that far - oh ho ho.)

2nd period: Advance Human Anatomy and Physiology - Mr. Frye
Mazie, Justin, and I always had fun in this class. We especially bonded over Mr. Frye's blatant dislike of gingers and dissecting of our cat, Li'l' Gingah. I'll certainly miss these people - they made me actually want to go to 2nd period. The class was entertaining in that agonizing way. (We all have one class like that...)

 3rd period: AP English Literature and Composition - Ms. Ludwick
 This really was one of my absolute favorite classes. For awhile there were my three of my best friends, then two - but everyday I looked forward to this class. Ms. Ludwick is such a sweetheart and so funny. I learned so much (and even held a deep appreciation/love for Hamlet!) 

4th period: Civics and Government Honors - Coach Brown
Okay, so I don't have a picture from that class. Which is why you get this picture of Cassie trying to make Kierson be in a picture. Civics was, for a long time, one of my absolute favorite classes. Rarely would I admit I would rather go to a class than home, but this one was definitely one of those. The discussions were fantastic, and the teacher was absolutely my best teacher ever, hands down. He was hilarious and caring and easy to love. Learned a lot and appreciated more.

My lunch has always been filled with my best friends and in that respect, I have been extremely lucky. Lunch was always that time of day when I got to relax and just talk (scream) with friends. Occasionally we were at each others' throats, but lunch got us through. I love all these guys to death. :)

5th period: Pre-Calculus - Mrs. Thomas
This class was OK. Mrs. Thomas was hilarious and a little bit shocking the first couple weeks of school (she sang/danced/laughed funny). Many people didn't know what to do but to laugh. Eventually we learned that this behavior was completely normal (??) and got over it. I never got over her skipping around the room and singing about WESTEST, but some things will always stick with you, I guess. I didn't have many friends to talk to in this class (Mollie - 1, Chrissy - 2), but it was still pretty fun, spacing out and trying not to drool/fall asleep. My doodling abilities have increased greatly because of this class. Thank you, Mrs. Thomas. :) I still wish I would have been able to play Mrs. Thomas BINGO, but alas. 

6th period: AP Spanish (V) - Ms. Ryan
Oh. My. Gosh. So, the picture of beautiful Miss Rachel is obviously not from Spanish class, so it should be assumed I skipped this class the last day of school. That's right - no note, no word of OK. I just skipped. I'm a BAMF. I asked myself almost everyday why I took this class. I never found out that answer. The teacher was judgmental and two-faced. The class was full of hypocrites (I'm one of them) who spoke badly about other people. Regardless, for most of the year I had a friend or two, which made it bearable. 

7th period: AP Psychology - Ms. Bishop/Ms. Pill
I rarely didn't want to go to this class. Ms. Bishop may have been a little obnoxious, but she was always nice and understanding. She got mad at us a lot, but we loved her nonetheless. When she left us and got replaced by Miss Pill, we didn't know what to expect. Things got a lot more lax, but we still learned and had fun. Glee, Harry Potter, The Office, and Nell. What more could I want in a teacher? *Bats eyes* The people were all fantastic and lovely and I couldn't ask for a better group of people to end my day with. :)

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