Monday, October 11, 2010


Rat Pack

Apples and Hard-Boiled Eggs. Everything a couple spoiled rats could ever need. :) 

I learned how to make GIFs! *is proud*

I've been using the Doctor (oh, he doesn't mind) for my experimentating. These two are both from the same episode. One of my (and many-a fangirl's) favorite episode. Cassandra (the last "pure" human alive in 5 billion (?) years or so. She looks like this:  
Basically a big slab of skin (from her back side) that has to be moisturized every minute or so. Anyway, she met Rose and the Doctor in the second episode of the first season and the Doctor destroyed her. But she also discovered that Rose is pure human, so she managed to survive and waited for the Doctor to come around. Then, she took over Rose's body. As she put it (while jumping up and down in front of a mirror: It's like living inside a bouncy castle!) 
 So Cassandra is parading around inside Rose's body. (Mind you, Rose's mind is just being suppressed - they didn't just trade bodies. Cassandra's body was destroyed when she left it.) Cassandra (in Rose's body) makes out with the Doctor:
 The Doctor has no idea it's Cassandra, of course, so they move on. He figures it out eventually and demands that she leaves Rose's body so Rose doesn't die. He tells her she can "float around, just atoms in the air for all [he] cares!" So she leaves Rose's body. Oh yes. But she takes over his body. And what happens is just down right hilarious. 


He's beating out a samba! Oh, and did I mention zombie-like people that are actually not people but clones of people who have been specifically bred to carry every disease in the world by evil cat nun-nurses so they can cure every disease were set loose and are now attacking the hospital? Details, details.

But no really. That's all I wanted to talk about. That part. Because even when I first watched this show and I missed the 9th Doctor and I wasn't quite sure about this tall, skinny, not-Scottish bloke who replaced him and I didn't want change, this part changed it all. And I realized "this guy's all right." Of course, 10 would go on to become me (and many others') favorite Doctor of all time. For 4 years DT ruled BBC, for sure. He and Tom Baker really set that bar high. So far, Matt Smith has really just not cut it for me. He gets too... angry. I mean, you went from the human-loving, anti-gun and violence, detective Doctor to this hipster fellow who bellows a bit too much about how the human race is stupid. But I do love Amy. And I do wish she'd met my Doctor. Ah well. That's the bias talking - she is a ginger, after all.


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