Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Oreos and a Dog

I originally took this picture for Cassie who asked me if I had Oreos. I told her yes and then I added I also had a puppy. Even if he does smell like skunk a bit.

Today I convinced Fizz to hop in the car with me. We were going to drive up and take some pictures, but that adventure got shot straight to hell when there were people golfing. I mean, who golfs in this beautiful weather? Tsk. 

Regardless, I was able to get Fizz in the car, which was an accomplishment in itself.

I need to talk about Single Father. It's this new mini-series on BBC One with David Tennant. (Oh, I do love him.) It's about him (Dave Tyler, ironically) and his wife (Rita) and his 4 (maybe 5) kids. He has 4 kids, right? But there's also this other girl. At first I thought she was just faux-adopted or something, but then she said something about Rita being her real mum and he's not her real dad so I was like "Oh, all right. So Rita had her with another bloke and Dave's her step-dad." But then I was listening to an interview with DT and... I don't remember who now. And David said something about her being his granddaughter? I'm so confused. Whatever. Either way, Rita dies (hit by a police car while on her bike) and it's the story about he and the kids cope with her death. He makes, quite honestly, the most adorable father ever. Plus, he's a photographer! Even better. And he rides a motorcycle. And he cries like a baby. 

That was only the first episode. I've got to wait until next Sunday to see the next one, so 'til then I shall wallow in past episodes of Doctor Who. 


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