Tuesday, August 24, 2010


One Day Left

One more day until heading off to university (as those crazy Brits call it). Not a lot to say about it that I haven't already ranted about in my journal other than I am both nervous and excited (I believe they call that anxious). But that's typical. 

Today, I gave Galaxy a much needed cleaning. Now it's only disgusting if you have eyes that can look down between the seats (I urge you not to do that.) I finished that around one. Had lunch. (Mmm. Canned food. I would've been so happy in the Dharma Initiative. No complaining from me. Especially if Hurley were the cook. I'm sidetracking again...) I thought about going out to Best Buy and picking up season six of Lost. I convinced myself it was stupid - you might as well wait until Christmas when you can get the entire series in that totally awesome package thing with all the goodies and bonus crap. But then I remembered the minisode.

Mom called and I asked her to pick it up because I'm lazy and hate going out in public on my own. She's a beautiful person, so she did it. I paid her for it. Also, Mockingjay - the third book in The Hunger Games trilogy arrived (I preordered it on Amazon and it came out today). I was so excited! Haven't even opened it yet... I suppose I know what I'll be doing tomorrow. I digressed... Oh yeah! Season 6 of Lost. 

The minisode was *totally* worth it. Not only that, but deleted scenes, some of the best bloopers ever, and commentary (Oh, you know when you're a nerd when...!) from the executive producers (those geniuses - Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindleof) and my personal favorite - the episode "Dr. Linus" (my all-time favorite episode of Lost) with commentary by Michael Emerson and two of the writers (whose names escape me). But the minisode wrapped it all up for me. It was the little extra piece of the Lost finale I needed as a fan because the ending didn't quite do it for me with the whole "let's all go to heaven together" thing. Also, the purgatory thing was totally unoriginal; The Lovely Bones had the exact same idea that while in this Limbo place and while you were sorting out your life and waiting for whatever, your Limbo could intersect with other people's similar Limbos. I didn't like The Lovely Bones, so props to Lost for utilizing the idea better, but still. I think I'm just bitter because the producers (Mr. Cuse and Lindleof) said over and over (or maybe just once and everyone else repeated it over and over) that the Island was *not* Hell or heaven or purgatory or anything of that nature. And sure. They didn't lie. The Island *wasn't* hell. But that definitely gave me and I'm sure a lot of other fans the idea that *nothing* on Lost was going to be purgatory. Which, of course, turned out to be wrong. I'd like to pretend that the flashsideways weren't Limbo, but were, in fact, parallel universes where the characters were able to lead their lives the way they wanted. But that's totally fanservice.

I definitely let that one get away from me. I could probably talk about Lost for the rest of my life if I wanted to... But I won't. Just one last comment, the comment I really was getting at; Benjamin Linus + Hurley = Best team EVER. There really wasn't a need for Walt (WTF? Mental hospital!) because I never really liked him, but I liked the idea that Ben went to go get him. In a way, it was sort of repentance for both killing his own faux-child, Alex, and for kidnapping Walt in the first place. The first time the Others/Ben kidnapped Walt, it was, of course, against Walt's will. But this time Ben rescued Walt, so that was cool how they mirrored that. 

Also, WTF was up with the granola bar? Did it mean something, other than it was from the Dharma Initiative? And I loved the interaction between the two Dharma guys and Ben. Ben was still snarky and the same sort of character - he was just... you know, not evil. 

Like I said - I could spend the rest of my life talking about Lost. But I won't bore my invisible/non-existent audience any longer. Cheers!


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