Sunday, August 29, 2010


I Will Not Bow

I'm feeling rather music video-y this weekend, so let's keep going, shall we? This is a video I made back in February. "I Will Not Bow" by Breaking Benjamin is a great song and that's really the only reason I decided to use this song. Normally, I choose songs because their lyrics makes sense as the character the video is about. I got lucky this time because the lyrics definitely do make sense when it comes to Sylar.

Today, Kristin, Hannah, and I played games (Clue, Mexican Train Dominoes) and then made cookies. Kristin and Weare eventually left and I watched the Emmys. I was so disappointed and pissed off that Lost didn't win a single thing. (They won something at the Creative Emmys the previous night, but that hardly counts!) Michael Emerson deserved an Emmy for his phenomenal acting in every episode he did, but especially for "Dr. Linus." But Terry O'Quinn needed that win even more! Not only did he play two characters, but he did so fantastically. Maybe they canceled each other out, but I still think Terry and Michael deserved that more than the other guy that won did. (The guy who did win even said he was rooting for Memerson and Terry!) By the end of the night, when Lost was passed up for best writing (Oh, come on! Everyone loves Darlton!) and for best directing (Poor Jack Bender...), I was in an outrage. It all came down to the winner of the Best Drama series. And Mad Men won. I've never seen Mad Men, but I heard it's really good. (Obviously.) But that was Lost's last season! Sure, it might not have been its best, but seriously? Mad Men? I wanted to sic Smokey on their asses. See how they like that Emmy, now! Hmph. 

Yes, Josh. I was upset, too. But that's okay. In every Lost fan's flashsideways, you guys won. :) Cheers!

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