Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The Apple Hatch

I'm certain there was a Mac Apple Dharma branch. There had to be. So, my sticker is totally awesome and not nerdy at all. Gotta love Mak's "You bettah take yo hands offa me or Imma kill you and your whole fam'ly" face. Gotta love him. Today, I went back to my dear high school to get my transcript which I now have to take to the University myself. Gay driving is gay. >:( So, that'll be fun. 

I also watched some "How I Met Your Mother" which is, as always, absolutely hilarious. Gotta love Barney. I still prefer The Big Bang Theory or Modern Family when it comes to 23 minute sitcoms, but as TV shows go, HIMYM is pretty great. 

Today, I also made a video for a dear friend of mine. But that shall remain hidden for now for undisclosed reasons. MWAHAHA!

Today's Lost graphic is... *picks randomly from list of saved pictures*

Ah yes. Poor Ricardo! He looks like Ke$ha! XD I adore whoever made this...

Last TV episode watched: How I Met Your Mother
Latest song/video download: Fuldans (The Ugly Dance) by Fulkultur
Latest text sent: To: Cassie "if you are EVER feeling depressed or sad or just bored or WHATEVER. look up "Fuldan (the ugly dance) by fulkultur. its. so. amazing."