Monday, January 11, 2010


Fizzgig: A Play

Me: Hey Fizz, do you want to be my Visual365 picture today? Follow me. *holds out treat*
Fizz: *stares down hallway skeptically* That's where you take me to give me a bath. 
Me: Get over here. *drags into hallway* Now, stare into the camera.
Fizz: Like this?

Me: -_- ... Can we do majestic?
Fizz: *pose*

Me: Um... Sure. That's fine. Keep doing that.
Fizz: *pose*

Me: Okay. You're getting ridiculous. You're a dog. Not a model. 
Fizz: I'm beautiful.
Me: Speaking of which. Why don't we show off your new collar? 
Fizz: I'm tired of being used for my beauty.

Me: You'll get peanut butter.
Fizz: Done.

Soon after this episode, I saw something.

It was Sunny balancing precariously on the banister. Mwahaha. 

Fizz: I'll push him for you, Mom.

Me: As tempting as that offer is...
Mak: Please. Allow me.   

Me: Hey Mak! n_n 
Mak: Please let me push him.
Me: No, no. There'll be too much of a mess that I would have to clean up.

Oh the stuff I do instead of studying for exams. Psychology exam tomorrow which I am SO not ready for. In other news, House and Heroes come on tonight, so hooray for that!


  1. Ah, Lauren, you and your ginger-y antics.

  2. Oh my! Your animals are so adorable! I just wanna squeeeezzzeee em till little sweet-meats come out! :D

  3. hahaha. i like my gingery antics! take em or leave em. and mak. god i wish he had pushed sunny off that banister...