Monday, January 18, 2010



This is the template of the panels and speech bubbles for the project thing I'm doing right now. Basically you fill in the speech bubbles and what have you with random phrases or words and then you draw pictures of people or whatever saying them. It's not supposed to make sense, so this should be interesting.

Today, I went to the Hagerstown Mall with Taneisha where I saw Heather who was pretty much stalking me. We saw Alvin and the Chipmunks which was pretty adorable. And the guy Toby who was in it was ah-mazingly cute. Except he lived with his grandmother and played video games all day. But he was awesome. We went to Garfield's for lunch which was pretty good. I like that place a lot because you can draw on the tables and they get to see all the pictures of pokemon and random shiz I draw.

Before the movie, we got to watch all that "behind the scenes of upcoming movies" crap. And they talked about that movie "When In Rome." It stars that chick that slept with Sylar. But it also has Ned from "Pushing Daisies" in it, so I think I'm going to see it. Even though I'm going to be cursing her everytime I see her.

Longest update about my boring life ever.   

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