Saturday, January 9, 2010



This is another sketch I did over Christmas break. Ninetales was always one of my favorite Pokemon as a kid. She's freaking awesome. n_n

I want to put something else up, but I don't have an inking pen and it's not finished so... until I get to Michael's, I'm SOL. Today I plan on guilting my mom into watching Moulin Rouge with me. She's never seen it and I'm sick. I got her to watch A Walk To Remember when I got my wisdom teeth out. She hates sad movies. (She's never seen Titanic!) But Moulin Rouge is too amazing to pass up.

I feel so sick. My throat - it's like someone took a cheese grater to it. At least I don't sound bad like Meredith...


  1. OMG, this is awesome! :D Moulin Rouge is perhaps the only musical I can sit through.

  2. ...I sound AMAZING

  3. thank you! moulin rouge is fantastic. *sways* i love ewan mcgregor. except in angels and demons... well, i mean, i loved him. he was a bit... uncanny...

    Thanks erin!

    Gtfa, meredith.