Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Fugging Cold

Today Fizz and I went on a walk. Where we may or may not have been stalked by some guy who was "running". I'm a skeptic. It was cold. I can't feel my hands. And the wind was like ice.

Today's story is brought to you by Creepy Teachers We All Know and Avoid, Inc. 
Let's get started. Today, we went to homeroom to collect our second semester schedules. My homeroom consists of people I A. don't like, B. don't know, or C. don't talk to. So I was spending my jolly ten minutes studying for the Anatomy exam tomorrow (oh noes.) 

Then, out of the corner of my eye I see him. It's Coach Butts. I have Mr. Santmier (who occupies the room right next to Coach Butts' room). I was terrified. He inched closer, not saying a word. Into the room. By the desk I was standing by.

To my relief, I saw that Katie Comer was sitting on a desk by me - perhaps he came to talk to her. I was wrong. He stood there, saying nothing, for a good minute. Until finally I had to say "Oh hi Coach Butts." 

"Oh hey there. You know that's the last schedule you're going to get in high school." *points to my schedule*

"Erm. Yeah. Sad, I guess." *hides schedule inside Anatomy book, realizing my home address is written at the top*

"And these will be the last finals you'll have to take, too."

"Uh. Yeah. That's good."




"So, how are your classes this year?" *buttons up jacket*

"Oh they're great! I'm doing a few new projects with them."

"Oh yeah. I saw the book you're making them read. My dad owns it."

"It's a good book."

"Are you making them do the city project?"

"Something something something I'm too busy looking for a distraction to listen to you something."


Then he started rambling about some girl in his class this year who apparently "gets every question right on every single test."

I was going to ask him how he would know that if he doesn't grade the tests, but decided against it. Instead I said, "Even smarter than Erin?"


He started talking about something else. Then, the bell rang. And I was like "Oh. Yeah. I totally have a class. Not lunch." *lies*

Phew. He terrifies me.

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