Sunday, January 3, 2010


Makana Pohina & My Headrest
I've taken two pictures, as you can see. The real one is the one of my headrest (is that what you call it?) and the other is of my cat, Mak. I love Mak's eye color, but he never ever ever looks at the camera. (Exhibit A - See Picture) So consider this challenge met, my evil fiend of a cat. I will get your eye color in picture.
P.S. Doesn't he look like a grouchy old man in that photo? I can hear him yelling at kids on his lawn from his porch.

The real picture I thought of last night. (Technically this morning - it was 4 AM) and I love all the stuff up there. Stuff. Mrs. Shultz would kill me. Pokemon lights, Blue/Gold scarf, "Tonight"/"Not Tonight" Pillows, Very old photographs on the back wall, Ancient-looking clock (stolen from my sister), Clipping of the table cloth from my birthday my friends drew on, A sparkly 8th grade graduation hat (our graduation theme was "superstars of the red carpet" or something), My corsage from homecoming, A big blue boa from when I was in Guys & Dolls at the Apollo Civic Theatre, and last but definitely not least is my Heroes calendar. It has Claire Bennet on it now - cheerleader with the ability to regenerate cells. I have to wait until December to see Sylar. Pity.

I think my parents are watching a Knight's Tale without me!

I'm going over to Meredith's, I believe, today to work (once again) on the AP English 12 project that's due this Wednesday. I'm really hoping Mrs. Ludwick pushes the date ahead because really, who's going to work over Christmas break? Anyway, yesterday was a huge failure, so we'll see about today!


  1. Did you guys accomplish anything on the project today? Last I heard you all went to Mary's. Tomorrows picture should be of Sunny <3

  2. oh gawd. but i hate sunny. and yeah. we filmed about half of it. *phew*

  3. Sunny's amazing :D So does Meredith sound like a man?

  4. that she does. that she does.