Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Cerberus' Photoshoot

Today I met Deirdre at Wafflehouse for some breakfast. Then, she went to get her car fixed and I went home. She arrived later with Cerberus so we could take some pictures for a pet calendar at University. He was uncooperative to say the least, but still adorable. I played some Windwaker and beat the first boss with Deirdre's help. She left and I read some of "Johannes Cabal: Necromancer" which is my next book in my book club. Did I tell you I'm in a book club? Me, Deirdre, Meredith, Nicky, and Urn. Our first book that only Meredith, Deirdre, Nicky and I are reading/have read was/is "Of Mice and Men". I finished it on Sunday, I think. It was a pretty good book. Nice and short. And sad. Poor Lennie. :( Candy was great, and Slim was even better. :) 


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