Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Late Bloomers

Seriously don't know where these fellas came from. They decided to spring up at the foot of a sign outside my house. It's freezing! Plus, everything else is dead. I'll give 'em props for gusto, though. 

That's actually not entirely true... not *everything* is dead. My miraculously-still-alive garden has one inhabitant left:

It's a weird-looking bush. But at least it's alive. Even its sister died. Strange. In other news, I fell upon this video again. I'd completely forgotten about it 'til I saw it again on Tumblr. Cried my eyes out, again. From laughter, of course. Plus, you've gotta love David's Scottish accent. My only peeve about him being the Doctor was that he couldn't be Scottish! Tsk. In fact, everything I've seen him in, he's been from the North. Boo. Maybe it'll change in his new miniseries Single Father. I won't know for a long time - if only I lived in the UK! Darn you, BBC America!

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