Monday, September 27, 2010



Started watching Dexter again. I'd seen the first 10 minutes or so of the first episode before, but it just didn't catch my fancy. Then, I read a recap of the entire show so far on and thought "What the hey?" So far I'm glad I did - it's great! A little graphic (a lot), but the humor makes up for it. And lucky for me, my short-term memory is so bad, I don't remember half of the spoilers I read in that article. I know his wife dies. And I knew he had a brother, but that's about it. And I just finished the season with his brother, so I should be pretty much spoiler-free here on out. Except for the wife thing, of course. Not too sad about that, actually. I've also been watching Angel, you see, and Darla in Angel is also Rita in Dexter, so... Lots of one-word titles... Weird. Anyway, I hate Darla. I hate her voice. Sometimes that voice comes out of Rita's mouth and I wanna punch her. But moving on... Jacob's in it, too! Except instead of touching people (woohoo!) he's just a drug addict fail-father. Awesome. 

Anyway, the picture above I made entirely from the 6th episode: Return To Sender. And I made one for every episode after that. Maybe I'll go back and make the first 5. Who knows?

Episode 7: Circle of Friends

Episode 8: Shrink Wrap

Episode 9: Father Knows Best

Episode 10: Seeing Red

Episode 11: Truth Be Told

Episode 12: Born Free

Next is season two! Hooray. I'd just like to make a note that Brian (his brother) drew a striking resemblance to Cillian Murphy as the Scarecrow. Hmm. In looks, too. All he needs is a pair of nerd glasses! He'd be set. Also adorable.  

I realize this sort of project is different from anything I've done so far (photographs, videos, drawings), but this is what I've spent the better part of the night on. And it's definitely a challenge. A creative one. So there. Cheers! 


  1. Dude, no way, that's crazy. A friend of mine in my hall has set up something where everyone gets together and watches Dexter almost every night on his high-def TV; we're halfway through season 2 already.
    What a coinky-dink! :o

  2. No way! 8D That's friggin' awesome! I just finished season 2. But season 3 isn't on Netflix. :(