Saturday, September 18, 2010


Renaissance Fair

Today we traveled to Ye Olde Renaissance Fair! Took an early start, picked up breakfast (for the others, not myself - I'm not much of a breakfast eater) and arrived around 12 to join in the merriment that is dressing up and eating stuff that shouldn't (and probably isn't) FDA regulated. We bought tickets, got some maps, and promptly stood in the universal "I'm a tourist; judge me" circle. 

We saw some pretty elaborate costumes. I've seen how much a plain old renaissance dress costs and if they didn't buy it, then making it has got to be 10 times more difficult. A lot of the dresses/outfits women wore were revealing (to say the least), but some were just downright awesome. The guy in the above picture reminds me of Leonardo DaVinci in Ever After. Gosh, I love that movie.

There was so much family dressing up, it was incredible. This was one of my favorites though. I'm not entirely sure what the message was, here: being a viking isn't all raping and pillaging and murdering! It comes with the occasional fried onion ring, too! Makes it all worth while. Moving on, I thought the girl was adorable. Sort of wish my parents were this nerdy.

In more exciting news, I saw my hero Ezio! He was, in reality, just an old guy with a beer belly in a white hoodie with a red scarf, but who cares? It's fekking Ezio! Assassin's Creed POWER! (Hoo ha! Nerdfighters!?)

Lastly, I got to hang out and have fun with this chick! All in all, the Renn Fair was awesomely epic and hilarious. Huzzah!