Saturday, September 25, 2010


Meet Pan!

This is Pantalaimon. The second rat lady. She's much more curious than Jubilee is, that's for sure. She also really likes Animal cookies. Can't blame her. Kristin and Weare came over today to hang out some. Fizz also got sprayed by a skunk this morning, so that's awesome. We gave him 3 different baths with 3 different remedies, but he got sprayed on the face pretty bad, so he stinks. A lot. Poor guy has to spend the night on the porch. Thank goodness it's been warm lately. At least tonight my ratties can get a decent night's sleep without Sunny creeping around. He's seriously frightening around these guys. I had the gusto to introduce Jubilee to Mak. Mak was a little disgusted, actually. But he scared the bejeezus out of Julie, so that's something. The rats are still a little scared when they're out of their cage, but they'll grow out of it. It's only been a day, after all. 

Lost graphic nanananana!

Awwww. Not Penny's Boat!?!

You know, I thought Charlie was crazy for driving my Des off of a pier into the bay, but then I watched that same Des run over a disabled man (Locke) with his car. So, that sort of put things in perspective. I attacked Taneisha when he ran over Locke. I was so upset. I thought he went crazy. Should've known he was helping. I mean, anyone could see that now. (Yeah, right.) Charlie's death scene was by far the saddest. Juliet takes a very close second, of course. Charlie, though, I loved from the beginning to the end. Juliet took me awhile to warm up. Now she's a beautiful person who I envy. Lots of envy in the last couple posts, huh? Weird. Cheers!

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