Friday, September 24, 2010


Meet Jubilee

Yes, I finally got rats. It's exciting, to say the least. I got two ladies. This fine female is Jubilee. She's a dumbo rat (just look at those ears!) who's a bit more skiddish than her pale counterpart. You'll be meeting her tomorrow. Mom's not too ecstatic, but I am. Smiles! 

Met Deirdre at the Commons today at 3:30ish. We bought some rat stuff at Target, then waited around for Taneisha. Then, we went over to PetsMart and met Meredith. Then we all went to Doggone Pets to pick up the ratties. They're so cute. :3 There was a gray one that was so cute, but he was a boy, so that's a no. Regardless, I'm happy with my two ladies. They're still getting used to me and I, them. 

Lost graphic time!
HAHAHAHA! I died when I saw this. Poor Miles. Must be hard being so right and awesome and Asian all the time. Also, Kate's face = perfect.  


  1. I miss MY rats! I wish they let us have pets at UC. :( I would settle for a turtle! They're adorable!!
    Rats are awesome pets by the way. :) They are so affectionate.

  2. Turtles are so funny looking. They always look so badass all the time.
    And I'm lovin' my ratties so far! They love apples... it's so cute. :3